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Kirk and Carol Houston are the owners of Mid-South Shows. Kirk has been entertaining mid-southerners for over 50 years (YES - he is that old!!! - LOL). His wit and enthusiasm has made many events the talk of the town in recent months. But he has been a Memphis staple for many years. 


It began as far back as 1969, when we was performing as a young teen in local theater productions, at Memphis Little Theater, Theater Memphis, Front Street Theater, Circuit Playhouse and a number of others, including The Memphis Children’s Theater. In the 1970’s, he worked as a radio DJ (as “Krazy K – The DJ”) with a number of local DJ celebrities like Rick Dees, Ron Jordon and George Kline. You could hear him on radio stations WQOX, WTGR, WVAM, to name a few. In the 1980’s he worked the local nightclub circuit in Memphis. Thousands saw him perform at Chevy’s Night Club,  Temptations Night Club, Willie Moffatt’s, Coco Loco Night Club and the Mid-South Fair.


In recent years, he has become known as Kirk ‘The Wedding Guy” as he teaches all the dance moves you need to know, to have the perfect wedding reception. As president of the Mid-South DJ Association and Owner of Have Bible, Will Travel Wedding Ministers, he has kept his finger of the pulse of the local wedding industry for the last 15 years. “There has been a major change in the way mid-south brides plan their weddings in the last dozen years”, says Houston. “Brides use to go to one local bridal show, with checkbook in hand. They attended these shows to put deposits down on the various wedding services they need for their wedding day. But it’s not like that anymore.

Brides plan up to 2 years out or more from their wedding and attend numerous bridal and wedding events, shopping for the best deal available for their wedding dates. It’s not unusual to see the same bride over a period of months, at many and varied wedding and bridal events around the mid-south.” “The other thing that has changed in the local wedding industry”, says Houston, “is that brides want to have FUN while they are planning their wedding.

And the events I host do just that—HAVE FUN!


The days of the quite, parlor type bridal fairs have gone by the way-side. Today’s bride and groom are a new generation. A generation of FUN weddings. All you have to do is look at all the wedding reception videos on You Tube and you can see how the weddings of our parents are not the weddings of our children”!

The Kirk and Carol Story - The Movie!

Kirk and his Dance Partner (and sister, Lisa) in 1963

Kirk Performing in Children's Theater's production of Cinderella at

The Shell at Overton Park - Summer 1969!

Kirk and partner (Tom Claypool) WIN the local tryouts for the TV Show - Puttin' On The Hits (a Dick Clark Production) But we never made it on the show - it was cancelled


Kirk at Temptations, Willie Moffatt's, Coco Loco, Chevy's, Up The Street and many other local Night Spots in the 1980's and 90's.

Kirk In The News


July 2015

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Kirk The Wedding Guy at a local wedding!

Kirk & Carol Dance - 2017

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